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  • I’m Jasmine

    With over 7 years experience in the modeling industry as a "Plus Size" model in New York City, I have learned and practiced all of the TOP-SECRET fashion and beauty techniques to creating stunning and mesmerizing images of women with REAL bodies.

    Jasmine E. Photography, LLC provides a one of a kind experience and unique one-on-one service for women and brides.

My Gear – Queens, New York Wedding Photographer

Some of my favorite photographers have dedicated blog post to share what they’re shooting with, which I find both helpful and informative. Whether its for weddings, head shots or other shoots, each photographer uses certain tools to get his or her’s desired results. Additinoally, almost all photographers have their favorite must have piece of equipment. The more I shoot, the more I understand why certain photographers absolutely need certain pieces of equipment and why they might love one particular piece more than the others. I thought it would be fun to do the same here and share my equipment lineup and favorites with you.

My Gear …

Nikon D200: This is the first real piece of photography equipment I invested in back in 2008 when I decided it was time to dig in. This Nikon at the time was considered the beginner pro grade camera body – I figured I’d start with this and see where it leads me. This body came with a decent kit lens (18-135 3.5/5.6) and it was just what I needed to get the ball rolling. In the beginning stages this camera made a lot of angry words come out my mouth. It was the most technologically advanced piece of equipment I had ever touched (aside from a computer) and sometimes scary.  As I became acquainted with it and learned the general rules of photography, I came to love it. I still have it in my bag and often use it as my play camera or for personal stuff.

Nikon D700: This camera rocks my world! I upgraded to this model March 2010 when I decided I wanted to pursue wedding photography and boy was it just what I needed! What makes this camera worth it, in my opinion, is its impressive ISO capabilities. The D700 has the ability to photograph high quality images in low lighting conditions (ex. a Church ceremony where flash is not allowed or concert photography).  It blows every other model before this one out of the water with that very important feature. This camera is a serious  MUST have for certain types of photography. I love my D700!! 
Nikon 50mm 1.4:  This lens was the first lens I purchased in 2009 and used on the D200. I decided to get rid of the kit lens, and invest in some good glass. Isn’t it cute?!?! This lens is super sharp, super fast and surprisingly, super budget friendly. The 1.4 f/stop gives this tool the ability to grab available light from anywhere. Even when you think there isn’t much light available, it can work if you have this lens.  When paired with the D700 the 50mm 1.4 is really more like a secret weapon – really.
Nikon 105mm 2.8:  I picked this one up in 2009 as well.  This is absolutely my most FAVORITE lens – I can not put enough emphasis on the word favorite. This lens is sharp, fast, and smooth like butter! If you come to me to for your head shots or your portraits, 95% of the time, I will be using this one. I prefer this lens first above the others because this lens will make you pretty-ER.  I’m not kidding.  It has magical inner workings that flatters all faces.   The 105 also has a red “VR” emblem on the body that sands for “Vibration Reduction” – its a special feature that allows photographers to get sharper hand held images with long lenses, in dim light.  Its all too technical if you ask me.  I’d much prefer  the “VR” stood for “Very Rad” because thats what this lens is. Oh, and the BOKEH on this bad boy is bea-U-tiful making this a go to lens for macro work or when you want to shot ‘the details’ of a beautiful Wedding day.
Nikon 24-70 2.8:  I purchased this lens March 2010 when I picked up the D700. I was fighting with myself hard between getting this one or the much more expensive and magnificent 70-200 2.8 VR II. I knew I would need both eventually, but this one fit my budget at the time. So, here she is! I like this lens because of its zoom range. The 24 end is wide enough for big group shots and wide shots inside a Church or venue.  The 70 end works great as a portrait lens if needed. And of course, as with any lens, to work with an f/stop of 2.8 is pretty awesome. Its an all ’round multi-purpose lens, really. Aside from it being quite heavy (which I get over pretty quickly because there’s nothing wrong with a little arm workout mid-shoot) there isn’t anything I don’t like about this one. 
Nikon SB-900:  I prefer to shoot in natural light and rarely use flash during the day. I think natural light is beautiful, and most photographers would agree too, BUT we aren’t always able to choose an ideal time of day or location to work in – especially in the Wedding industry. With that in mind I purchased this speedlight at the end of 2009.   This little unit packs a lot of punch. The trick with this type of flash is to never point it directly at anyone – that is unless you’re going for that deer in headlights look. I strategically bounce or diffuse the light to make it more attractive –– its rather impressive and has definitely come in handy. 
So thats it in a nutshell – this is the stuff I work with right now. I tend to rent different things if needed for a specific job or when I want to test a piece of equipment and see if would work with my shooting style. There are definitely things I would LOVE to add to my arsenal, and I will own those one day down the road but for now – This is My Gear and I love ’em all! 
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February 21, 2016 - 8:26 PM

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KISSes for My Bride – New York, NY Wedding Photographer

I offer brides wonderfully designed custom made KISS wedding albums! They come in two cover types – Leather and Linen – which are available in  seven sultry colors.

virgin white
forbidden green
passion pink
red-light red
sultry blue
smoldering brown
voluptuous black

The pages of the Linen KISSes are constructed by mounting two pieces of photographic paper back-to-back making for sturdy lightweight appeal. The Leather KISS covers are  100% full grain natural leather hide. Its pages have a hard substrate between the two pieces of photographic paper making each page a whopping 2mm thick! The leather KISS is luxurious in quality, durability and substantially heavier making this the perfect choice for a wedding album.  The images in your album are printed directly onto sturdy Fuji Crystal archival paper and their binding lays beautifully flat so that each fabulous spread is presented to its maximum capacity.

In one word, these albums are A W E S O M E!!  Whether you choose the linen album or choose to splurge a bit on the leather album, you will not be disappointed with the final product.  Remember the three words I used to describe my photography style in a recent post

Simple, Elegant & Chic

Well, KISS albums fit right in with the Jasmine E. Photography experience. The KISS philosophy is simple, like mine … well theirs is actually “Simple is Hot”.  Albums from other companies are great with lots of options, but with 18 different album sizes & dimensions to choose from, 15 different ways to mount & bind, 50 colors & 11 texture options and 12 types of photo paper to print on (sheesh!) the combinations are endless! Options are great and all, but by the time you get around to picking your favorite 40-50 images to put IN the album you’re going to need a second honeymoon!  I get overwhelmed thinking about it for you!  Creating your album with your photographer should be easy and enjoyable. The look and the simplicity of these albums flows perfectly with my style of work and the quality of product I aim to give you and to my future Brides.  

Take a look-see for yourself!

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For the Bride – New York, NY Wedding Photographer

I’m staying true to my blogging goals for 2011!

I’ve decided to start “For the Bride”, a category for the brides out there, the ones searching for the right person to photograph their wedding day.  I plan to update this section with useful information and tips on how to get the most out of your wedding photography.   I know how important it is to find just the right person for the job. Not only will you worry about what they can offer you as a professional, you’ll also worry about your personal experience and interaction with the person you choose for the job. Both are equally important. The photographer is one of the first vendors you establish a working relationship with, and will ultimately be the last person you work with when your wedding day is long over. Will this person deliver the quality of photos they promised? Can you trust this person? Will they have your best interest at heart? Will your personalities mix well or clash? As a bride these are truly important things to consider when selecting your photographer – so in this section of the blog, I’ll do my best to lay it all out there.  What makes this section extra special is that as I prepare to walk down the aisle myself later this year (Fall 2011), I’ll be able to share my insight as a bride with a photographer’s perspective and a photographer with a bride’s prospective. 

Super Cool!

Well, I’ll keep this one short and sweet but not to worry, there’ll be lots more on the way!

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Defining Me – New York, NY Photographer

Second blog post for this week. Hollaaaaa!
I feel like I’m on a roll or something.  I better save some of the things in my head I want to talk about and spread them out over the next few weeks or I’ll surly run out of stuff to write about.  I want you to know that focusing on this post has actually caused me to burn dinner. Blogging is intense!
Some of you may or may not know that I’m absolutely obsessed with Jasmine Star – and what wedding photographer isn’t? – I mean …

1. We share the same first name 


2. She is THE GURU of contemporary Wedding Photography!

Seriously. She has risen to the top of the wedding photography totem pole in only 5 years – literally changed the wedding game as we know it. She left her scholarship at UCLA Law to pursue her photography passion. Who does that!? AND kicks butt at it?? Whenever I read her blog or listen to her speak I’m in a trance. Her words are worth more than gold. Every wedding photographer wants to be where she is and more importantly wants to know HOW she made it happen. Bottom line – J* was so focused, so passionate and so determined to make her dream a reality that nothing would get in her way. She never ever says, “it was easy”, but she always assures us ‘IT’ is possible.
Back in October I purchased the Wedding Photography Course with Jasmine Star on CreativeLive and boy was it was well worth the investment – over 10 hours of live wedding photography footage, image processing, brand development and Q&A up close and personal with J*! I watch these courses religiously every free minute I get. She’s like IN MY LIVINGROOM whenever I want! Into the first few hours of the CreativeLive course J* ask her  students to describe their photography style in three words.  According to J* your three words are essential to truly defining your photography style and I think it makes total sense.  Her Mantra: Always go into your shoot with your three words in mind and try to create images based on your three words. Be true to your three words and you will always captivate your audience – your future clients. This is the foundation of your “BRAND”.
Hmm. This is serious – I thought about it for some time, but nothing really came to mind. Trying to figure it out was actually a lot harder than I thought so I didn’t try to force it. A few months went by and then BAM! Just like that it came to me a few nights ago while I literally lay in bed.
When I shoot, I pour my heart and soul into my images. My creative vision is ingrained in EACH frame I take – from camera to print.  I want to provide all my clients with amazing photos they’ll love forever – natural, stylish, beautiful pictures. I want my clients to think they could never ever look this good. Their photos are beautiful AND they look exactly like THEMSELVES.  This is the foundation for MY brand.
The “simple” – crisp, natural looking images
The “elegant” – pretty, polished, flattering images that tell viewers a story
The “chic” – stylish, current and sexy
Pretty cool, right?
I feel kinda awesome about my three words – can’t go wrong with that. 🙂

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Exciting things in 2011! – New York, NY Wedding Photographer

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Holidays!!

I have to admit I’ve been very quiet over the last few weeks – too quiet for too long really.  I apologize for the limbo. Every winter, with the cold weather and the holidays taking over, I seem to go into hibernation mode. I’m sure most people go through the same thing this time of year, but hibernation mode makes for very low productivity levels. Not Good.  Fact of the matter is I need to snap out of it! I’m working on getting back into the swing of things and aim to keep running with the awesome energy of 2011!

I’d like to start my first post of 2011 with a little bit of good news …

I’m Engaged!!

On Christmas morning my boyfriend of nearly ten years got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. Whoo-hoo! The last few weeks have been bombarded with droves of wedding planning. We’re wasting no time here and plan to have our big day in the fall of 2011, (less than ten months away- Eeek!) so I’ve been in high gear. While there have been moments of intense stress, I have been enjoying the planning process and I’m beyond excited to see things fall into place.  Along with planning my own wedding, I have a few resolutions for myself. Not really “New Years Resolutions” just … ehh … resolutions for this year.

In 2011 I plan to:

1. Get fit for The Big Day (cliché but necessary as a bride to be – um, who doesn’t want to feel GORGE on their big day?)

2. Make sure I keep the momentum moving forward in my business ventures (yes, I plan to shoot even more weddings, make bigger networking efforts, expand my internet presence and grow my business this year)

3. Blog more (there’s absolutely no reason why I can’t maintain at least one post per week – I really need to get it together here)

Maybe I’m in way over my head, but I don’t feel like it – at least not at the moment. After some reflection I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be in my personal life and with my business. I think this moment hit me like a bolt of lightning – more than ever I feel like I’m meant to be a photographer, more specifically a wedding photographer. From the minute the “I’m getting married!” feeling set in, I realized I would now be more emotionally in tune with my clients and future clients than ever before.  I will have experienced what she’s feeling, or will be experiencing her exact feelings down the road over the next few months. I will understand her anxiety, her concerns and even more importantly MY role as her photographer on her big day. I will understand her blood, sweat and tears, the importance of every single detail she worked so hard on to make her wedding perfect and the value the images will carry for her after the day is over.  Yep, it just clicked. There’s really nothing like experience something first hand.  Seriously.

Well, I’d like to thank everyone for their support so far! So many new ideas and significant changes will be taking place in my life and with my business this year.  I’m really looking forward to the hard work and greatness 2011 has to offer. Its gonna be an amazing ride. 
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January 25, 2011 - 4:29 AM

Darrin E - Hey Jasmine – A big congratulations to you on your engagement. So as a photographer, what are you looking for in someone that will shoot your wedding? Just saw your post on OSP which led me here.


January 26, 2011 - 1:41 AM

Jasmine E. - Hi Darrin,

Thanks for stoping by! OSP is like my favorite place these days. 🙂
I'm looking for someone with an eye to capture all the moments that tell the story of my wedding day. Simple but Stunning photography. A good mix of photojournalism and editorial style husband & wife portraits. And yes, I now understand the importance of finding just the right photographer for you!