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  • I’m Jasmine

    With over 7 years experience in the modeling industry as a "Plus Size" model in New York City, I have learned and practiced all of the TOP-SECRET fashion and beauty techniques to creating stunning and mesmerizing images of women with REAL bodies.

    Jasmine E. Photography, LLC provides a one of a kind experience and unique one-on-one service for women and brides.

Wordless Wednesday – New York, NY Lifestyle Photographer

I bet you’re looking at the title and wondering, ‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs Wordless Wednesday?‚ÄĚ
According to“On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‚Äėwordless‚Äô title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn‚Äôt need any description.”
So, every Wednesday, I will blog one image I‚Äôve taken.  I’m not going to limit myself here. I may post a picture of just about anything – not sure really, but I‚Äôm looking forward to sharing with you!

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Frost Bite & Inspiration in Central Park – New York, NY Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Just this Sunday, I had the opportunity to work as an assistant for Ceci B, Long Island wedding photographer who specializes in Bridal Boudoir.   I will be shooting with Ceci this Spring as the second photographer for a wedding taking place at the historic Oheka Castle! I’m insanely excited about the opportunity.  I’m shooting a Wedding in a CASTLE!!!! Its going to be an amazing day —  I. Can. Not. Wait.

I had a great time getting to know Ceci – talking life, business and photography. It really is refreshing to be able to learn from and teach another photographer –  Share ideas over lunch, bounce inspiration off one another and basically create a support group. We both walked away that day having learned new things, eager for Spring’s arrival to be able to fully execute our visions and passions. 

This time around, I got to help with an engagement session,  maternity session and basic headshot session in Central Park.  I don’t have to tell you how cold it was on Sunday. It was quite the disappointment after having such gorgeous weather on Friday.  Mother Nature is such a tease!! The clients were troopers about it, though. I have to admit, I’m quite the sissy when it comes to working in harsh weather conditions.  I must have had 12 layers on, shivering, teeth chattering, frostbit fingers and all. I even had wind burned cheeks at the end of the day. The oh-so-brave clients however, were pulling off their coats to get the best shot possible. I was VERY impressed. 

Between lugging equipment, holding coats, and aiming reflectors, I got to take a few frames during the engagement session.  I’m excited to be able to share a favorite of the cute fun couple. Although its not their wedding I’ll be shooting this Spring, I’m very happy I got to meet them and wish these two all the best! Can you tell its 19 degrees out?? 
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Plan a Stress Free Wedding – New York City Wedding Photographer

Plan a stress free wedding!

As ¬†I plan my own 2011 wedding, I spend dozens of hours online looking for inspiration, tips, ideas and advice. If you’re anything like me, massive wedding websites like TheKnot can do more harm than good in your quest for wedding knowledge. There’s a lot going on there – too much perhaps. ¬†When you sign up, create an account and enter your wedding date, they calculate just how many days you have left ’till the wedding. The only thing that little count down clock does is remind me of all the stuff I didn’t get around to doing! Can you say,¬†“Un-neccsary Stress”?!?!¬†About 10 minutes surfing TheKnot and I break a sweat. Stick a fork in me – I’m done.¬†Thankfully through my own intensive searching, (as well as helpful tips from others) I’ve come across several very wonderfully fun websites which I would love to share with you here (For the Brides)!

*Photos not taken by Jasmine E. Photography*

1.¬†¬†– Google for Weddings! At some point, we all need to make a wedding website. We’re in 2011 for cryin’ out loud – You need a website! Its just So. Darn. Cute. Not sure when, where or how to start one? Not to worry, Google keeps it simple. Google Weddings also helps you organize your guest list, seating chart, music list and address book – Ummm, what are you waiting for? Click the link.

2. – If the name alone isn’t enough for you to check this link, lets keep it real here. As much as we’d all love to have an infinity budget to plan our dream wedding, the simple truth is – we have a budget. ¬†The lovely ladies at brokeassbride do an excellent job of showing us creative and budget friendly ideas to keep the fabulosity in our pocket pinched wedding planning.

3. – This wedding blog is oozing uber amounts of wedding inspiration. They have a section called “Real Weddings”. ¬†If anything, please check it out for the romantic stories and pretty pictures. You will find inspiration here.

4.¬† – *A MUST READ* This was the first wedding blog I stumbled upon the day after he proposed. I was glued. This blog documents a determined brides two year journey and her goal to spend not a penny more than $10,000 on her dream wedding. Unfortunately, she doesn’t update this blog anymore (she is now married and yes you find out at the end if its possible) – Start from the very beginning, re-live her journey and find out if she meets her goal.

5. – OK, I don’t have to tell you that NO two women have the same curves. Some dresses flatter you and look dreadful on me, and vice versa.¬†Don’t make your bridesmaids wear the same dress if the dress only looks good on a size 2 mannequin. I love Aria Dress because each dress is built from the ground up for YOUR body type, YOUR measurements, and made to make YOU look and feel fabulous! Soooo many colors and styles and lengths to choose from. You pick the color scheme and let your girls choose the rest. And yes! They do the Wedding Dress too!! The best part – your bridesmaids wont feel bad about the cost because these dresses are so cute, they’ll actually wear the dress again to another party in the future! Hollaaaaa!

6. – This is one I wish I had found just a day or two sooner – not kidding. So the conventional Wedding Registry is just not your thing. You already have your amazing William Sonoma Panini-Press and powerful Dyson Vacuum. ¬†You don’t need another toaster, or wine opener … what you REALLY want is and unforgettable honeymoon to FIJI!! ¬†Travelersjoy to the rescue – Your wedding guest help you with the Honeymoon of a lifetime! A Wedding Registry you and he will surly LOVE!!

7. – Do it yourself flowers!! Do you cringe at the thought of spending $3,000 on the flower arrangements – *cough, cough* they do die the next day *cough,cough*. ¬†(I know I do) Or maybe you’re just a really crafty lady, and love the thought of creatively styling your perfect wedding day arrangements. Beautiful and affordable!! Bloomsbythebox helps you to put your precious wedding planning dollars into something LASTING¬†… ¬†like your Wedding Album! *wink, wink*

8. – ¬†I really enjoy twofus because they offer some valuable insight to “Life After the Wedding” and get into the kinda complicated stuff no one discussed with you before hand. ¬†A healthy marriage resource you’ll be interested in long after you say I DO.

9. РI LOVE colors. Colors can change your mood with one glance. One of the most fun parts of planning your wedding is picking your color scheme! Color Me Married provides color-coordinated shopping suggestions and schemes based on your wedding colors. Give it a try! 

10. 50 Wedding Photos Can’t Do Without via (¬†– If you’re the type of bride that wants the entire story, right down the to tiniest detail¬†of the day¬†captured then this is a must see article from The Knot – I know I said they’re overwhelming sometimes, but this article in particular is SO dead on for me I just had to share with you. 50 examples of simple, beautiful yet powerful images that will keep the memories fresh in your mind for years to come. I LIVE for¬†images like this¬†both in terms of my photography style and in regards to my own wedding. ¬†So, please read and educated yourself on the type of photos you want on your big day. Knowing what you want in advance really helps your¬†process in choosing your¬†wedding photographer!

11.¬†–¬†If you’re a bride that cringes¬†at the¬†thought of stepping foot in a David’s Bridal, I have some news for you.¬†¬†Vera Wang has dropped a fabulos line at David’s Bridal this month – And these dresses are to DIE for!!¬†I¬†feel that¬†David’s Bridal¬†truly has a strong collection of offerings these days¬†–¬†Gorgeous gowns¬†in¬†a variety of sizes,¬†styles,¬†colors and price ranges.¬†Its seems there is something for¬†everyone here.¬†Speaking from personal experience, I was¬†very surprised with the quality of service I recieved when¬†shopping¬†recently. I advise you to at least take a look around because you might be pleased with what you see!

This is my short-list of go-to resources. I will definitely add to it as I continue my search for more wedding information and inspiration. I hope you find this even a tiny bit helpful. From one bride-to-be to another … through these sites, I learn something new everyday!! Until next time! ūüôā

So, read carefully and enjoy the wedding planning process. Don’t stress!

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May 22, 2011 - 8:52 PM

Nicole - Another great site for wedding flowers is They sell everything at discount prices as opposed to paying full retail at a florist.

May 23, 2011 - 9:51 AM

Jasmine - Hi Nicole! Thanks so much for sharing that with us! There are SO many options for brides on a budget.

The Benefit of Doing a First Look On Your Wedding Day – NYC Wedding Photography

A First Look

Traditionally speaking, most couples know the customary rule that the bride and groom shouldn‚Äôt see each other at all until the moment she‚Äôs walking down the isle. Some would even consider doing so is bad luck. I‚Äôm all for tradition, but breaking the rules can be worth it sometimes. ¬†I want to share an option with you that you may have never considered before — A First Look

What is a First Look?
An opportunity to see each other before the ceremony and share those first intimate moments as husband and wife together 
(with your photographer shooting away in the distance)
What are the benefits of a First Look?
  • This will ultimately be one of the few intimate moments you have alone together on your wedding day
  • This moment is so beautiful and touching, you and your soon to be hubby might shed a tear – you’ll never forget that feeling
  • Bonding beforehand may ease the nervousness you experience just before the ceremony
  • A First Look makes for a much smoother layout of your day and takes the ‚Äúrush-rush‚ÄĚ element out of photographing your bridal party and family portraits between the ceremony and reception
  • If you have a late (sunset) ceremony and you don’t want your portraits done in the dark, a First look is a great idea
  • With portraits out of the way early you actually get to enjoy the Cocktail Hour! Mingle with you friends and out of town family
  • Seeing each other before the ceremony will by no means take away from the moment when your eyes meet at the end of the isle. The two experiences are equally powerful and still very different.

Your Choice
If the first look is something you’re thinking of incorporating into your wedding daytime line, great! If not, that’s great too! I for one feel that there are no rules for creating your perfect wedding day accept for the number one rule I believe every bride should follow:
Do what makes YOU happy! 
The Layout
Below is an example wedding day timeline showing the layout of a day that includes a First Look. No two Weddings are the same, so I will always take the time to work with each Bride individually to ensure a ‘wedding day timeline’ is in place. This helps to make sure your day runs smoothly whether the First Look option is chosen or not.
Example Wedding Day Timeline
2:00 p.m      Photography Begins
                                   *Details photographed (wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations, bouquet)
                                   *Last-minute hair and makeup touch-ups
                                   *Candid photos of the bridesmaids preparing
3:00 p.m.     Bride Dresses
                                    *Candids of bride with mom and bridesmaids
3:30 p.m.     First Look
                                    *Bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for photos              
4:00 p.m.     Bridal Party Pictures
                                    *Bride with her bridesmaids, group and solo photos
                                    *Groom with his groomsmen, group and solo photos
                                    *Entire group
4:30 p.m.     Bride Gets Tucked Away From Early Arriving Guests
                                    *Photographers shoot ceremony details and cocktail hour location, if available                                  
5:00 p.m.     Ceremony
5:30 p.m.     Ceremony Ends
5:40 p.m.     Family Pictures
6:10 p.m.     Sunset Photos with Bride and Groom
6:25 p.m.     Photograph Reception Details
6:45 p.m.     Grand Entrance
6:55 p.m.     First Dance
7:00 p.m.     Welcome and Prayer (if applicable)
7:15 p.m.     First Course Served
7:30 p.m.     Toasts
7:45 p.m.     Second Course Served
8:15 p.m.     Father & Daughter / Mother & Son Dance
8:25 p.m.     Open Dancing (Parrr-tayyy)
9:30 p.m.     Cake Cutting
9:40 p.m.     Bouquet / Garter Toss
10:00 p.m.   Photography Coverage Wrap-Up

Final Thought
Again, the final choice is yours and yours alone! Personally, as I get ready to walk down the isle myself later this year, I definitely plan to do the First Look giving ourselves plenty of time to get the portraits done early so we can enjoy the awesome food we’ve picked for the cocktail hour and mingle with family we haven’t seen in years! ¬†I don’t want to miss a thing! *squeal* ūüėÄ

First Look on your wedding day - New York City Wedding photography


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