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Random Friday || Diary of a Photographer || New York City Wedding Photographer

Its been busy week and I’m happy it was. So many task were completed and missions accomplished.

This past Sunday I found the dress of my dreams at David’s Bridal. I’m honestly impressed with David’s. I went in not expecting much – your white average prom looking wedding dress, something you can easily find at Macy’s or just about anywhere else for that matter. To my pleasantly surprise David’s Bridals offers a dynamic range of quality and style. They carry stunning gowns from amazingly affordable to moderately priced. Vera Wang dropped her gorgeous WHITE Wedding Collection in February, and I must say that David’s Bridal has really brought their A-Game this season! I’m thrilled about finding my dress of course, but the experience is even more precious in my mind because my grandmother was able to participate in the experience. Her face lit up like a tree on Christmas when we found the dress …. those memories are the ones that make the “Getting Married” experience all the more Priceless. Oh, and Thursday, I found the Maid of Honor’s dress!! My sister will look fab, and she’s very happy with it too! That’s two for two with David’s! No, I didn’t take pictures — No photos untill the wedding day because its a secret! Yes. I’m cheesy like that.

On another note … I’ve joined Weigh Watchers this week!  I told you I was going to get things moving! I’ve already seen drastic changes in only 7 days. Yay!! I have to say, I was skeptical about the whole program at first, but after one week on it, you  really can’t go wrong. Let me put it this way — on Wednesday, we had lots of rice, mashed potatoes, noodles and birthday cake (umm, 3 slices for me) for Aloysius’ Mother (can you say carb loading?) and I still lost. Not like just one pound, but I lost five and wasn’t able to get to the gym at all this week. It kinda makes you realize how terrible you’re eating when you’re not paying attention. Moving in with Aloysius this summer and getting all cozy at home did not make for a slim waist this winter. But the truth of the matter is, I knew I could turn it around when I was good a ready. WW is not a drastic program by any means. You really can eat what you want – I eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich every night as a treat and I’m still losing folks. As long as you stay accountable and true to yourself, you will see the results and won’t feel deprived.

The Justin and Mary “Spread the Love” workshop I attended this Tuesday was Fantastical – not a real word, I know. Justin and Mary have such a passion for photography, people and an intense passion for love. Their energy is contagious and insanely inspirational. I’m fired up and ready to go with new ideas and a fresh way of thinking about things. They reccomended a few more books to read, and I’ll be assisting on an Engagement shoot this weekend for a couple whose wedding I’ll be second shooting next Saturday.

This week was great, but I know there’s still so much to do this year!

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Random Friday – Diary of a Photographer – New York City – Wedding Photography

Just a post to spew my rambling thoughts.  Random?  Yes.  But bear with me.

My brain is spirialing with so many things that must be done and we’re nearing the end of another month!  My list of “TO DO’s” is getting longer by the day. Everytime I check something off, I have to write two more down.

On a good note:  I got my taxes done last weekend! *raise the roof* — The business tax thing was a huge worry for me, and its now one less thing looming over my head. So, I feel really good about that. Amen.

On an UBER good note: I’ve been working hard at getting an excellent team of Makeup Artist and Hairstylist together to work with me on a few Bridal shoots this Spring AND of course to make YOU (my future brides) look super fabulous on your bridal, engagment or GLAM session! What is a GLAM session you ask? More on that LATER.  We can’t wait to work our magic together on YOU!

On an exciting note: I’ll be attending the “Spread the Love” workshop next week with Justin and Mary Marantz!! I know the information they’ll share with us will be PRICELESS and I can’t wait to hear them speak again!!

On an UBER exciting note: Going into April – I’ll be shooting my first wedding of the year – Yay! This is what I live for!

Oh, yeah and there’s this one other little thing I’m trying to organize this year – My Wedding! It’s so awful to say that, yes, sometimes I forget there is wedding stuff to be done. The big day is about 6 months away. 

Have I chosen a wedding color yet? Nope.

Have I gone shopping for the Dress yet? Nope.

Have I purchased the invitations yet … you guessed it – Nope. And this list goes on.

What am I waiting for, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine! I never thought there would be so much detail to worry about — a ba-zillion little things you never think about until its your turn to plan a wedding! *phew*

There are about a dozen other things I’ve procrastinated on as well – How about that visit to the eye doctor I’ve been putting off. I’ve pretty much been in a state of denial for quite some time, but I must face the reality – I need glasses. Squinting is not cool. Or my resolution to get in shape for the biggest day of my life. Still workin’ on it!

I know, I know — Its time to shake a leg!

Before the smoke starts to flow from my ears, let me share this dress I’ve been drooling over for the last few weeks. Its the most Perfect (with a capital P) wedding dress I’ve ever laid eyes on from Aria Dress – I mention them in a post I wrote especially for the Brides.

Stunning, Simple and Elegant … I Die. This weekend WILL be productive – I know it.
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Becoming One with My Camera – New York City – Lifestyle Photography

Blogging has been a bit slow for me these past few days, but I’m working hard at playing catch-up! 
This week I decided I should try something different in terms of my relationship with my camera. I really feel that I need to bond more closely with my beloved Nikon. In order to do that I’ve decided to REMOVE the camera strap from the camera body!! *GASP*

I’ve done this for two reasons …

1. As much as I love the Nikon Brand – I totally hate the huge, bright yellow logo plastered across the strap. Fashion Faux Pas! Yuck!

2. I believe that in order for me to be the best photographer I can possibly be, the camera must become an extension of my arm — I must be one with my equipment!

When I think about my favorite wedding photographer, and the several amazing commercial lifestyle & fashion photographers I’ve worked with in the past, the one thing that is absolutely consistent across the board is they used their cameras without a strap around their neck. As they worked, the camera stayed up to their eye 90% of the time. Even when giving direction, they did so from behind the camera. They didn’t dare drop the lens from the eye, which I assume, is so a  fleeting expression or emotion is not missed. I hate to admit it, but I’ve totally missed a “look” from someone because I chose to let the camera hang from my neck while I asked her to move her hip this way, or turn her chin that way. Quite frankly, this camera body attached to my favorite 105 2.8 lens easily weighs about 5LBs, and because I don’t enjoy stiff-achy-neck-syndrome, I have absolutely no business letting it hang there.

My hope is this exercise will allow me to be able to think with my camera first. I wont drop the body to change the ISO, I won’t feel nervous about changing my battery, lens or memory card “without security”, and it won’t hang from my neck or be deep in my hand bag with the lens cap on. I will be one with my Nikon. What it will be is in my hands and ready to go – Lens cap off and power ON! I won’t have to think so hard about whether something is picture worthy …..  then dig out the camera …. then take off the lens … Awww,  I missed it! Nope – from now on, I will be prepared to react!

So, I did it. I removed the camera strap … Actually it was really difficult to take those suckers off, so Aloysius did it for me. I swear …  most days, he really is my back bone. I love the way she looks already!

Photo taken with the Nikon D200

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March 25, 2011 - 1:45 AM


March 25, 2011 - 2:19 AM

Jasmine E. - Hi Judith!!

Thanks for stopping by! This truly feels like a big step towards being the caliber of photographer I aspire to be. 🙂

June 13, 2011 - 6:06 PM

Nicole - Give the R-Strap a try. Gives the security without the confinement

Wordless Wednesday – New York, NY Portrait and Wedding Photographer

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March 24, 2011 - 12:09 AM

Lindsey V - Wow! Looks good and I don't like any kind of shelled foods.

March 25, 2011 - 2:17 AM

Jasmine E. - Hi Lindsey!

Thanks for stopping by! My uncle owns a Pizzeria in Brooklyn and he's an excellent cook! I love seafood and I'm not very big on the shelled kind, but I can honestly say this was DELICIOUS!