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  • I’m Jasmine

    With over 7 years experience in the modeling industry as a "Plus Size" model in New York City, I have learned and practiced all of the TOP-SECRET fashion and beauty techniques to creating stunning and mesmerizing images of women with REAL bodies.

    Jasmine E. Photography, LLC provides a one of a kind experience and unique one-on-one service for women and brides.

Oheka Castle Wedding – Sneak Peek – Long Island Wedding Photographer

Oheka Castle Wedding, Long Island NY

Here’s a sneak peak of a beautiful couple and their gorgeous  Oheka Castle Wedding.  It was such a wonderfully gorgeous day, the grounds were spectacular, the families and guest so plesant, and who can ask for a more beautiful looking couple.  I had a great time witnessing an event this grand and I want to give a special thank you to wedding photographer Cecilia Burgos for choosing me to assist her on this very important day! I can’t wait to share more from this AMAZING Wedding!!


Oheka Castle Wedding - Bride - Groom - Long Island Wedding


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May 31, 2011 - 10:05 AM

Lisette - What a handsome couple! I can’t wait to see the rest!

June 1, 2011 - 9:37 AM

nadya - wow love that location! cant wait to see the rest!

June 1, 2011 - 9:53 AM

emily - Nice framing and color tone! Congrats to the happy couple! This castle is gorgeous and the texture in their attire picks it up perfectly.

June 2, 2011 - 12:19 AM

Jasmine - Thanks ladies! This was such an amazing wedding! I hope to be able to share many more images with you soon. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!!

Suicide Wings || Buffalo Cantina – Brooklyn, NY || NYC Food Photography

I truly hope everyone is enjoying the long Memorial Day Weekend. I started my holiday on Thursday with a beautiful Wedding in Huntington Long Island – photos to come! On Friday, Aloysius and I decided that we’d take a little time for ourselves and check something off our Summer “To Do” list. Aloysius and I are MAJOR foodies. If you don’t already know, now you do! Our favorite channels are all those involving food, cooking and restaurants. We love watching shows like Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri, Outrageous Foods with Tom Pizzica and our personal favorite, Man vs Food with Adam Richman. Aloysius and I have watched ALL episodes of Man vs Food! We are devoted fans. Whenever Adam visits a location within 3 hours of NYC we write it down and add the restaurant to our “To Do” list. This past Friday we visited Buffalo Cantina in Williamsburg Brooklyn – A small Tex-Mex restaurant famous for their “Suicide Wings Challenge”.  You can see a mini clip from the show – HERE.  Aloysius was so ready for the challenge, however to our disappointment upon arrival, we learned that the original “Suicide Wings” featured on Man vs Food has changed and is now called the “Sepuku Wings Challenge”. We asked what the main difference was and the waiter explained to us that aside from the higher price the new challenge boast, the new wings are now 10 times hotter than the old recipe because of the new pepper extracts shipped in from overseas.  He pretty much scared us out of the challenge and we’re thankful he did. The suicidal wings are now part of the regular menu, so we decided to give them a try along with a side order of Nachos and a second order of Jerked Chicken Wings. We decided to share the suicide wings and not time ourselves because we wanted to really enjoy the taste and the experience …


The heat from the Suicidal Buffalo Wings is indescribable – The pain gets worse with each bite. Your nose runs involuntarily, your tongue swells almost immediately, your insides get tingly, and forget about trying to speak. The worst part is the sauce is so spicy that if it touches anywhere on your face other than your lips, that part of your face will burn too. I accidentally got the sauce in my eye and had a ring of fire outline my lips, like permanent lip liner!  It wasn’t pretty. We weren’t sure we would be able to finish those six puny wings, but we managed to get them down with the help of a lot of water and a lot of napkins. Yes, I ate THREE! The proof is below! The Nachos and the Jerk Wings were pretty good too although I’m sure we couldn’t really taste them since our taste-buds had been completely torched. Would we try the much harder Sepuku challenge after feeling the heat of the Suicidal? You couldn’t pay me enough to try!


p.s. – Our mouths were back to normal after about two hours.


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March 19, 2015 - 5:14 PM

phyllis - Do you have the recipe for the Buffalo Cantina suicide wings or Seppuku wings? Saw it being eaten by the food guy and want to try making them. Can you send me the recipe? I know that it includes several types of peppers but don’t know the amount of each. Please help. Thank you.

NYC Engagement Session Location Ideas – New York City Wedding Photographer

Most newly engaged couples are totally stumped when it comes to ideas for cool, fun or photogenic places to hold your upcoming Engagement Session, so I thought I’d be a bit helpful and share a few Engagement Session Location Ideas with you here!

Location, location, location!!  Location is key for having a great time and creating beautiful engagement photos. Here’s one idea to get your juices flowing … try to think of beautiful locations that are important to you – where you first met, where you went on your first date, had your first kiss,  where he proposed or just somewhere you enjoy going together. If that’s still not very exciting to you and you’re open to shooting somewhere unique and exciting then maybe this list of links below is exactly what you need to see!

I would love to shoot at all these locations in the this year, so I hope you can help make this happen. Its important to mention that certain locations and private venues may require a permit or have restrictions about professional photography. When deciding what location works best for your vision, don’t forget to contact them and find out if there are any additional permit requirements necessary to shoot on their grounds.

5 Pointz


Times Square

Coney Island

Meat Packing District


Chelsea Market

Grand Central Station

Bryant Park

Gantry Plaza State Park

Greenwich village

Pier 17, south street seaport

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

The High Line Park

The River Cafe

Jones Beach

Old Westbury Gardens

Fort Totten Park

Planting Fields Arboretum, Oyster Bay Long Island

Atlantis Marine World

Central Park – The Belvedere Castle on 79th Street

Central Park – Bethesda Terrace on 72nd Street

Kissena Park

Greenwich Village – Washington Mews

Old Bethpage

Queens County Farm Museum


NYC Engagement Session Location Ideas


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May 23, 2011 - 12:59 PM

Ariane - Holy cow this is great! I kept saying that I needed to put together a list of suggested locations for my clients shoots and here you have it! Thanks so much for putting this list together; I am totally bookmarking this page lol :). It is helpful for clients AND photographers! Thanks Jasmine; great suggestions!

May 23, 2011 - 1:25 PM

Lisette - Jasmine, you read my mind! I’ve been looking for a list like this my whole life! Thank you!

June 2, 2011 - 12:02 PM

nadya - great post!

June 2, 2011 - 4:44 PM

Jasmine - So glad to know that this list is a helpful resource! 🙂

All in a Day’s Work (Day 2) || New York City Portrait Photographer

Woo! Well, today was a day. I had a great time just as I had anticipated I would. The production was HUGE. I thought there were lots of people on set on Monday but there must have been 3x’s as many people on set today! The energy in the studio was friendly but oh, so focused.  The production company was great, the crew was amazing, and the group of girls I got to work with all day long were hilarious! As you may know, I have NEVER filmed an infomercial before, and I’m not so great when it comes to memorizing lines (I’m not so great at memorizing anything, really)  but I was determined to get through today with a performance above and beyond anything I would have expected of myself. And so it went …

While in hair and makeup, one of the director’s assistants handed me a scripted guideline to follow.  “Here you go, honey. This is your script. Just read through these lines and let me know if you have any questions” and off she went. Simple enough, right?? Well, not so much so. Yes, technically there were “lines” on this sheet of paper, but none of them formed a cohesive script!! Who will I be talking with? What are her lines? Which lines was I supposed to say? And most importantly, when am I supposed to say them?? Once again, the panic in me started to rise. “This is going to be an Epic Fail.” I thought to myself. Well there was no turning back, right? I had a few minutes and I tried hard to memorize each and every one of the 5 sentences I had – yes, only 5 lines but I felt like I was getting them stick. The other girls had already started their test run through, and I was just about done in hair and makeup. I was called onto set and introduced to the producer, infomercial host and inventor of the awesome shape wear we were getting ready to talk about. The creative director ask me if I’m ready, “Of course!” I said enthusiastically … and then … she starts to ramble instructions like an auctioneer (aka – a guy who can talk really, really fast, just for your entertainment). Random blurts I heard – “I want personality! …. Over the top energy!!! … and above all, give me ENERGY!!” I didn’t catch a word else she said .. I just nodded and smiled, nodded and smiled with a look on my face that I’m almost positive expressed pure terror.  Eeeekk!! All those instructions, and none of them included directions about my actual lines … “was this script changed???” I thought to myself. “I. am. so. screwed.”I went backstage where all the other girls in my segment were hiding. This is NUTS, I whispered. I knew from their expressions and panicked nods, we were ALL in the same boat. Those scripts they gave us, were thrown out the window!!

The word of the day – IMPROVISE !!!

As you already know, infomercials are over the top. Lots of wide eyed smiling, friendly banter, and cued laughter. It wasn’t pretty, but we made it through our cuts.   I definitely flubbed more times than I care to remember, but everyone on set was sooooooo professional and supportive, that it didn’t take more than a take or two for me to get it together. We did one test run, one official run through, and then once more for “backup” and “extra fillers”. The creative producer greeted us backstage –  “That was really great girls, we got everything we need. This time, lets go all out and have lots of fun! … Lets be extra ANIMATED!” — The second run through was full of laughter, “yay’s” and giddy giggles. Of course, only when the pressure is off does the real fun begin.

I have to admit …. aside from all the backstage jitters, today went REALLY well in my opinion. We finished taping much earlier than anticipated, and of course the production crew LOVES when you nail your lines so good they get to break early. You know what my favorite part of today was?? The JUMBO SHRIMP and FLANK STEAK we got treated to for lunch!! Ahhh, The life of an actor …  spoiled on set after a hard day’s work!!  The segment is set to air in about 2 months.  I’m REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hoping to be able to get a copy of the mp3 file to share here on my blog and add to my portfolio. Keep your eye’s peeled for those awesome Cami Shapers set to air this summer! You know how infomercials are … They air on random weeknights at 2AM. I’m bound to miss it.  Do let me know if you catch it when it starts running! 🙂

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All in a Day’s Work (Day 1) || New York City Portrait Photographer

Yesterday I spent the day shooting an infomercial for an undergarment company advertising their new body-shapers. Let me just tell you a little something ladies … PLEASE … do NOT believe everything you see in those infomercials! You’ll understand why in a minute. Infomercials are strategically created to make you, the consumer, lust over their new product. At the same time, I truly did find these shapers to be quite useful and will probably own one after today.

Now, about this infomercial … Honestly though, I didn’t really know I was shooting an infomercial.  Maybe I mis-understood my booking details? I tend to lazily read through those emails because they’re all the same.

Always in bold font:


Shoot Date


Contact Person

… and a special note if we need to bring anything extra at the request of the client.  This email mentioned a two day booking for “undergarments”. I thought I would be modeling full figured pajamas, bras and things of that nature (by the way, lingerie gigs are NOT my favorite).  I naturally assumed this booking would be the usual print job – catalog type work. My day started as any other day would when I’ve booked  a model gig … pretty standard.  Manicured, tweezed, plucked and waxed, I was up at 5AM. I packed my model bag, ate a light breakfast, and was out the door by 7AM for a 9AM call time. I was lucky enough to have Aloysius offer to drive me to my location in New Jersey. Actually, Monday is his off day and I had to bribe him with Dunkin’ Donuts and a restaurant dinner, but I love him! I got there, checked in, waited for my turn in hair and makeup, got fitted for wardrobe, etc, etc .  I like to carry polite conversation with everyone I cross paths with that day – the makeup artist, hair stylist and the wardrobe stylist in particular because they’re usually pretty up close and personal with you while you’re changing clothes and all. She asked me what size I wear. “10’s or 12’s”, I said.  “Here, try these on without the shaper first, then WITH the shaper”. So, I did as instructed and showed her each dress with, and without the shaper. For some reason, it still hadn’t clicked yet. We finally decided on 2 dresses. She asked me to change into her favorite one. “Its time to get on set! Put this on, NO shaper”. I changed quickly and followed her onto the set where I met the creative director, photographer, assistants and …. camera man? I got really, really, really nervous? “Hi. I’m Jasmine.”

I hear someone shout, “We need lines for Jasmine”.

My heart dropped. I was ready to model, NOT ready to act – those are two different jobs and I wasn’t mentally prepared! “I have lines?”, I asked politely.

“Yes, but not for to today, for the show taping on Thursday!”

Ohhhhhhh boy … that’s when it hit me. Shapers, Before’s & After’s, the camera man, and a show taping. I stood to the side and waited quietly for the previous model to finish and for my turn to do the “Before” shot.

“Ok, Jasmine, you’re up”- I didn’t know who said it, but I grabbed the sheet of paper with”Jasmine – Day 1″ typed across it and stood in front of the camera man and the big hot lights. “Ok, so, we want you to stick your tummy out as far as you can, slouch a lot and no smiling.” I laughed, “REALLY??” I asked. They all laughed too. “Yup, today “bad” is GOOD!” Now, my natural instinct as a plus size model is to suck in all tummy fat, elongate my neck, torso and shoulders and smile as much as possible! But today, I didn’t have to do that – for the first time ever, they wanted me to look worse, not better (at least for the next 3 minutes).

“Stick out your stomach, Jasmine” …

“more” …

“more” …

“as much as you can”…

“Ok, now slouch your shoulders” …


“a little more” …

“not that much”…

“hold there” ….

“Ok, she needs to look more … poofy! Tighten her top with more safety pins!” …

We finally got the “Before” shot, but looking “bad” on purpose is more difficult than I had expected. You have to look “bad” but still be “attractive”. I pushed my gut out with everything I had, and I wasn’t “poofy” enough. Hmm …

The “After” shots were really easy catalog-y type shots. The types of shots I’m used to doing and were a breeze.

I actually really liked these shapers. They do a great job of holding your lady parts in comfortably which I feel might be wearable all day if needed.  I admit I wear shapers when I feel I need to look extra perfect for a photo shoot or special occasion. It doesn’t happen often ’cause I LOVE me some yoga pants and a baggy tee-shirt, but sometimes,  the right undergarment can AND will save the day. All Joking aside, though … going back to my first paragraph –  don’t believe the hype about infomercials, ESPECIALLY for products that supposedly offer unrealistic results.  This shaper is awesome, but it won’t perform miracles – My before shot was forced and required lots of help from a whole team of artist, safety pins and dramatic slouching shoulders. I find it funny because I’ve been guilty of lusting after items advertised via infomercials, myself. What we forget to realize is that a lot goes into those types of productions. Professional teams are hired – makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, creative directors, grip and lighting professionals, photographers, video camera men, digital editors and yes, even actors and models to make their products as appealing as possible!

Anyway, I have to say this has been one of the most FUN bookings I’ve ever had. It was the first time in a long time since I was booked by a client who requested me with curly hair … I forgot how much I loved my curls!  The crew was awesome and hilarious. There was absolutely No pressure to be perfect. I got to let it all “hang-out”, literally. We tape the show segment on Thursday.  I’m still a little nervous about my lines but I’m definitely more prepared now that I at least know I have some. I’m looking forward to it.

Here I am after we wrapped the final shot – All in a day’s work!!

Plus Model & Photographer Jasmine E.

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May 17, 2011 - 11:05 AM

Marisa - I love the new blog Jasmine, and I love the way you are going with it. Go on with your bad self, tell those stories. <3 keeping it real. 🙂 Cant wait to read about day 2.

May 17, 2011 - 6:30 PM

Jasmine - Hey Marisa! Thank you so much for stopping in! I hope Day 2 is just as FAB as yesterday was!! 🙂

May 31, 2011 - 10:07 AM

Elizabeth - Jas, this is hilarious!! Love it.